Areas of Expertise

Multiple factors at the workplace interact to affect your sense of well-being. Prolonged stress affects not only your physical and psychological health, but also impacts your performance and relationships at work and outside.

Conflicts in intimate relationships often result from gaps in communication, and lead to considerable stress that spills over into other areas of life, impacting one’s peace of mind and day-to-day performance.

Addiction is characterised by excessive consumption of a substance (e.g. alcohol, cocaine, cannabis) or engagement in an activity (e.g. gambling, gadgets, sex) to the extent that it begins to negatively impact one’s health, responsibilities and relationships.

Parenting is the process of promoting your child’s emotional, physical, intellectual and social needs as well as facilitating their growth. This process is dynamic, and often different challenges emerge at different stages of your child’s development, right up to adulthood.

The mind and body are deeply connected and influence each other. Often, chronic physical health conditions like cancer, diabetes and long-standing pain can make one depressed or anxious. Maintaining good psychological well-being, in addition to being critical for good health, is also crucial for a positive response to treatment.

We all strive to sustain meaningful relationships, and perform in all aspects of our life at an optimal level. However, sometimes one finds themselves struggling to meet their own expectations in a range of areas, that can be improved.

Feeling sad or hopeless is something that we all experience from time to time. However, when this experience lasts for more than a few days and impacts our daily functioning, it becomes imperative to seek help.

Stress is the physical, psychological and behavioural response to situations we find difficult. Prolonged stress causes multiple health issues, a diminished sense of well-being and changes our behaviour.

Anxiety is characterised by a feeling of fear, worry or unease. Prolonged anxiety could cause health problems, a diminished sense of well-being and change one’s behaviour for the worse.

Everyone experiences sleep difficulties occasionally, due to a stressful situation or a change in routine. If sleep problems persist beyond a few nights, they are likely to impact your daily life, performance and relationships.